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March 25, 2022

Glacial Lakes Livestock



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Meet the
TeKrony Family


   Welcome to the 10th Annual TeKrony Brothers Simmental bull sale.  Our boys started selling their bulls by private treaty and Farm Shows, when Justin the oldest was just 10 years old.  Don’t blink, or they will all be grown up!  Justin is now 20 & has a place with his significant other Emily.  They have spent the last couple months “bonding” while calving these bulls mamma's.  Justin will be graduating from Lake Area College in May and Jace our Senior will graduate high school in May.  Jace will be attending a secondary school for Agronomy next fall.  Kaden is a sophomore at Deuel High School.  While he is not in school he is the yard & barn boss here at the home place.  He keeps everything bedded and clean, of course with help from his brothers.  Last but not least is the youngest Kaleb, he is now 14 and on the road, so beware.  He takes care of the Boer show goats, helps with chores & watches gates for his brothers.  In the summer months we spend time as a family rodeoing.  All of the boys calf rope, steer wrestle and team rope.  We go to Jr High Rodeo, High School Rodeo, 4-H Rodeo and Armature Rodeos.  We work hard to play hard.  During the school year Jace & Kaleb play Football & Kaleb also plays Basketball.  Lane stays busy traveling, selling feed & vaccinations for Midwest Livestock Service.  When he’s not gone he is keeping the boys & me inline making sure everything is done & organized on the ranch.  Lane & I always find time to run to all the boys school activities.  I feed the feedlot cattle everyday with, my dad, Grandpa LaVern as my gate watcher.  I also go grocery shopping for (6 boys) a lot.  In my spare time I am on the Deuel School Board.  You know that saying “It takes a village to raise a child” it’s spot on.  


   It is with great excitement & pride that we offer yet another set of good bulls to you.  We feel they will raise productive and profitable cattle from the registered herd to the commercial herd.  Breeding decisions made today will affect your herd for years to come, so we take our time & choose with confidence when breeding our cows.  Longevity, good feet, nice udders, performance & of course, disposition are what we focus on.  We keep about 40-50 heifers back and they need to have disposition, performance & milk or they don’t make the cut.   So we expect the same for the bull side too. Genetics are passed down so take EPD’s and use them combined with the look of the animal.  The dam’s to these bulls have a very powerful set of dams, as you will see many are moms & daughters & now granddaughters raising outstanding progeny. 


   In September, these bulls weaned like champs, never missing a beat right from their momma to the feed bunk!  Lane works very closely with nutritionist Brian Koedam from Midwest Livestock Service on our herd health & feed performance.  We can closely track our bull’s feed intake & performance by using the computer program Performance Beef.


            We would like to thank our customers for implementing our genetics into their herds.  Our success comes from all of you, we are truly thankful for the new relationships to come & the old ones with customers, neighbors, fiends, & family being part of an ever growing cattle business.  We know we don’t deserve your business, we must earn it!  


            As Always, we invite you to our ranch any day of the year, not just at sale time! Our door is always open.  If we can assist you in finding your next herd sire, please contact us!

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Lane 605-880-5408
Jessica 605-237-8057
Justin 605-880-1597
Jace 605-880-3834
Kaden 605-880-4685

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